So Long Carefree Weekends, You’ll Be Missed!


We have a unique family situation as the children that make up “our” family also make up parts of “other” families. With this said, due to varying schedules we typically have every other weekend to ourselves. But not for long. Come December a little girl will be entering this world that solely belongs to us. Therefore our typical “carefree weekend” will be changing to “kinda carefree weekends” plus one.

Ask any of our friends and they will tell you that we “go out” constantly. While we do tend to do a lot of things on our weekends doesn’t mean we’re just throwing money around. We enjoy everything from trying out the endless food options here in Dayton to impromptu days spent wandering around OTR in Cincinnati just to see what new retailer, restaurant or bar has popped up since our last visit. We also go walking/hiking/camping at the local parks or antiquing in and around Dayton’s neighboring cities and towns. Choosing to go with the flow and see where our days take us is how our weekends usually go.

Fast-forward to December. We won’t be able to just throw on some clothes and just “go” once the holidays roll around. For a while we’ll be a bit house-bound, as taking a newborn out during Ohio’s coldest months won’t be considered a “pleasurable” experience for anyone involved. Eventually, we’ll get out and about but then the simple task of leaving home will change. I’ll have to go back to packing the dreaded diaper bag. As a mama that (gasp) doesn’t carry a purse, this is going to be tough. Toting around a bag with every essential thing we may need throughout a day with Baby in tow will take some getting used to again. On top of that, our every move will be determined by one tiny creature and what her current mood or need will be. Being prepared will be key because if we aren’t it’s going to fall to pieces.

Don’t get me wrong, this little girl is a blessing. I miscarried twice before this pregnancy came about, so my husband and I are extremely grateful to be having a perfectly healthy baby this time around. But, the fact that our youngest child is on the verge of turning 7 means we have a bit of “amnesia” when it comes to remembering the baby years and what that means for our social life. It’s also going to be a bit of change having a child home with us 24/7.

Whatever happens in the future is sure to be an adventure. Luckily, we’re two people that enjoy playing it by ear and seeing where the day takes us. I’m sure it’s going to be fun and quite interesting at times. But hey, that just means more stories to share with all of you huh?


  1. Transition can always be tough, but you will settle in and rock this full-time Mom gig! Yes, weekends will probably end up looking a little bit different, but make sure you fight to keep some of that freedom for yourself and your husband! A good babysitter sure can go a long way!

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