Dayton Area Guide to Kids Activities

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Dayton Mom Collective Team Tips to Consider when Choosing the Best Activities for your Kids

  • What time commitment are you seeking and/or able to accommodate? Extra-curriculars are often worth the investment, but you do need to be realistic about what makes the most sense for your life and your child. Many activities meet weekly, some have flexibility, while some require a greater time commitment.
  • Location and budget. Like it or not, logistics DO matter, especially if your little one falls in love with what they are doing and wants to keep going!
  • What are your goals? Are you hoping to expose your child to the arts, encourage their creative interests, get them moving? When they are smaller and don’t know what to ask for, the activities chosen will reflect our goals as parents. (ie. swim lessons for swim safety!)
  • Consider limiting activities to keep it reasonable for both them and you. As your child grows, you may consider an approach where your child can pick one athletic and one non-athletic extra-curricular.
  • Follow their lead! After all – it’s their activity and should reflect their interests!

Aqua-Tots Swim School

At Aqua-Tots, children of all abilities from 4 months – 12 years old become safe and confident swimmers in their indoor 90 degree pool. With flexible class schedules, make-up lessons, and a fully stocked changing room, they’re here to make swim lessons convenient for your family. So, sit back and relax in the comfy red chairs in their viewing area. They’ll take care of the rest.

Hours of Operation:

See website for hours.

2451 Lakeview Drive Suite 106
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431
(937) 200-1120

716 N Main Street
Springboro, OH 45066
(937) 886-4321

YMCA of Greater Dayton

If you are looking for that extra-curricular gem that allows for versatility under one roof, then the YMCA of Greater Dayton is for you!

At your local YMCA, you will find a variety of preschool and youth enrichment classes including swimming, ballet, yoga, soccer, tee-ball, martial arts, leadership, government, art, babysitting and more. Classes provide a safe, familiar environment with a creative curriculum. Classes are designed to offer age and developmentally appropriate activities that focus on teaching the sport or subject of interest while also developing crucial life skills, such as sportsmanship, leadership, accountability, and more!

Program and age availability vary by branch so make sure you check with your local branch for the most accurate information.

“The program dates were flexible with our schedules as they had several different day of week/time options you could pick from. All of the coaches are volunteers and are really great with the children.” – Parent 

Check with your local branch for the most accurate information on programming.

Music Together of South Dayton

music together south Dayton

Did you know that all children are musical? Children are born movers, sounders, and explorers. But there also needs to be the disposition to explore and grow musically – a special spark in their heart that can only be developed through the nurturing care of the “grownups who love them.”

This is why YOU are so important to their musical journey, and Music Together of South Dayton is here to help. Though there are many unknowns these days, the importance nurturing your child’s musical, social and emotional development is still a given. Whether you are in need of new connections with parents and their young ones, seeking more resources as you navigate the at-home learning setting, or simply want a little musical enlightenment to brighten your day, we have what you need with Music Together Online!

Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources combined into a comprehensive music learning program with the same high quality you’ve come to know with any of our in-person classes.

Join us for a FREE fall preview class this September by selecting an option below and emailing the Center Director.

  • Mixed Age (ages 0-5): September 10, 11, or 12 at 10 am
  • Rhythm Kids (ages 4-8): Tuesday, September 1, 4:30 pm

Families enrolled for Fall Music Together Online (starting September 15) will have access to a ton of great experiences, so enroll today! Click the “Class Info” button below to get all the details, like access to our SUPER SECRET Fall Semester Facebook Group and so much more.

Even though we miss getting to attend an in-person class, I’m so glad we can still have [Music Together Online]. Miss Heather and Miss Kristen do an amazing job of connecting with everyone and reminding us of all the ways music can help make life a little easier. If you do one parent/child class, let it be Music Together!” – Parent

Center Director: Heather
[email protected]

Class locations in:
Beavercreek | Centerville | Englewood | Oakwood

Do you have a creative kiddo on your hands? You know the type we are talking about… the ones who collect the toilet paper rolls and trinkets they find around the house in order to create their next masterpiece. If you have a kiddo who is continually seeking that creative outlet… then these classes are for you.

Decoy Art

Located in Beavercreek

Spark Art Studio

Located in Kettering

Springfield Museum of Art

Located in Springfield

Dayton Art Institute

Located in Dayton

These classes are for those kids who are constantly twirling, shaking their booty, tapping their toes, & who love a good beat. No matter if your child is a born performer, loves the art of dance or enjoys being part of a peer group… dance can be a wonderful experience!

5637 Union Center Dr.
West Chester, OH 45069
[email protected]

Twinkle Star Dance is at Perfection Gymnastics School!

The Twinkle Star Program focuses on developing young dancers by engaging them through games, music, props, and activities. Combination classes expose dancers to three main styles of dance that help teach rhythm, counting, spatial awareness, social skills, and much more. There are dance classes for ages 2 and up and they are also home to a competitive dance team. For those who love to twist and twirl, Perfection’s Twinkle Star Program is a must-try!


Dayton Academy of Gymnastics & Dance

Located in Huber Heights

Inner Dance Yoga

Located in Oakwood

Smile Awhile Dance

Located in Centerville

Most kids can’t resist shaking their booty or singing along to their favorite tunes, but did you know that music is also a great way to encourage developmental growth? Music classes can be a great way to stimulate your little one’s mind, but lessons can also be the perfect creative and challenging outlet for your older kids as well!

That Music Place

Located in Springboro

Wee Music Studio

Located in Troy

Coding, technology, STEAM, 4H, and more… the possibilities are endless in this arena and honestly, the things these kids can learn and create are incredible. We are big fans of the ever-growing opportunities for our kids in the world of science and tech.

Boonshoft Museum of Discovery

Located in Dayton

Wright State University Pre College Programs

Located in Dayton

Sports are amazing ways to encourage exercise, teamwork, personal drive, and so much more! And the options are endless as well. No matter if you have a little one tumbling on mats or an older one involved in team games or competitions, one this is for certain. They will learn all kinds of life lessons they don’t even realize they are learning and we love that.

YMCA of Greater Dayton

Various Locations

Busy Kids Gymnastics

Located in Kettering

Indigo Yoga

Located in Beavercreek

Music, movement, motor skill development, and social skills! Toddler enrichment classes can be a great way to help enhance your little one’s natural development. And best of all… they are fun for grownups to attend as well!

Music Together of South Dayton

Located in Springboro

The Little Gym

Various Locations

Dayton Metro Library

Various Locations

Learning to swim is an important skill for kids of all ages. And, those skills can always be built upon. Whether you want your kids to learn the basics, just have fun, or learn to compete, swim lessons will help accomplish any these for you.

Aqua-Tots Swim School

Located in Springboro & Beavercreek