Dayton Experiences to Gift this Year

We are grateful to our partners at Pedal Wagon for helping make this resource available to our readers!

Here is a 2020 edition of experiences to gift this year in the Gem City!

experiences to giftWith the holidays upon us, it’s sometimes hard to find the perfect present.

What does the special person on my list not already have?

What if I give a gift they won’t like?

Will they actually use the gift that I give them?

What do I get a kid who has everything?

There is so much pressure to find a gift that will wow that special person in your life. Too bad mindreading isn’t an option!

pedal wagon
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Pedal Wagon

The Pedal Wagon is a multi-passenger rolling celebration that takes you on two-hour rides to the cities’ best bars, restaurants, historic landmarks, parks — you name it!

You can choose from a variety of cruises, on which you share memorable experiences with friends, family, co-workers, or whomever you like as you discover the cities’ best-kept secrets and favorite local establishments.

It’s the perfect way to gather together and celebrate in the open air!

*Read their COVID-19 Policy HERE

But, you don’t need to be a mind reader to give a gift that can last well past the holiday season – the gift of an experience.

There are many options when you give the gift of an experience. Why not give a gift of a membership to an attraction, like an amusement park or zoo? You can give the gift of a night away (what mom wouldn’t like that?!) What about the gift of a DIY activity with girlfriends?

By giving the gift of an experience, you’re providing that special person in your life a future memory for them to create – one that you can join in with them or one that you want them to experience on their own. Either way, you’re providing future joy that is too big to be wrapped up.

In Dayton, there are many “experience” gifting options you can consider:

  • A night out at a restaurant in the Oregon District
  • A Pedal & Party with Pedal Wagon
  • A membership to the Boonshoft Museum
  • A paint-and-sip class 
  • A class at AR Workshop
  • A trip to a local spa
  • A cooking class at Dorothy Lane Market
  • A wreath-making and decorating virtual event with the Dayton Mom Collective! (Register for Deck the Walls HERE, get a registration for someone else, secure your chance at some awesome giveaways, and support The Foodbank, Inc. in the process!)

The experiences don’t have to end with the adults in your life either. Experiences you can give special kids in your life could be:

Another option is not necessarily a gift of experience but can turn into one:

  • You could adopt an animal, such as sponsoring a raptor at Glen Haven Nature Preserve, and then visit Glen Helen 
  • You could donate to your favorite local charity, and then visit there and volunteer 
  • You can buy a gift card at a local shop, and then your special person will get to shop there in the future
  • You can get your DMC swag and help support local businesses!

Especially in a year where we haven’t been able to participate in many experiences, by gifting an experience, you’re giving hope that the new year will bring the opportunity to enjoy experiences again.