April Dayton Dozen {A Collection of Digital Events}


Editor’s Note: Normally, our Dayton Dozen guides are full of fun, family-friendly, local activities you can haul the kiddos to (or not-no judgment) and spend the day learning about and exploring resources in our community. Not this month, however. COVID-19 has inundated every aspect of our lives, and social distancing is not only encouraged, but mandated. Therefore, our April guide is focused on digital events.


Here are our top 12 local (and non-local! The magic of the digital age!) events happening this month.

1.) Boonshoft Museum of Discovery Digital Programming

This event started on March 16. Boonshoft has been releasing a daily DIY science activity at 10 AM every day that includes an educational program on all sorts of different scientific topics and then concludes with the science activity that ties into the daily topic. The activity will be able to be done at home with materials that are most likely on hand. There will also be virtual programming each day at 2 PM and 6 PM, ranging from tours of behind-the-scenes areas, showcasing a rarely-seen item, or a “chat with an expert” opportunity.

2.) Storytime with The Dayton Nannies

Every night, at 7:30 PM, a different member of the networking and support group, The Dayton Nannies, will be reading a bedtime story live on their Facebook page. This is a great opportunity for your children to remotely engage with other littles across Dayton and all “read” the same bedtime story.

3.) Cincinnati Zoo Home Safari  Facebook Live

Each weekday, at 3 PM, the Cincinnati Zoo will be hosting a Facebook event where they will highlight one of the zoo’s animals. Children will be able to learn more about their favorite animals, and then conclude the live event with an activity. Check their Facebook page for more details.

4.) Scholastic’s Learn at Home

This is a free resource with over twenty days of learning experience programming. Each day has over three hours of learning experiences. This includes articles, videos, field trips, interviews with authors, and learning challenges that can be completed individually or with siblings.

5.) At Home with Emily Arrow

This is a live youtube sing-along and storytime hosted by Emily Arrow. This event is Monday through Friday at 1 PM on her youtube channel. She describes it as “moments of music, stories, and mindfulness for all ages”.

6.) Virtual Farm Trips

This website offers free pre-recorded “trips” to farms, fields, and barns. It’s an excellent way to connect your students to real, working farms without having to leave your home. This includes pig farms, soybean farms, dairy farms, and beef farms.

7.) Children’s Museum of Indianapolis Museum at Home

Their website, which is getting new content daily, has a variety of videos, including storytimes, science activities, virtual tours of the museum, active play with coaches, and a daily greeting from Rex, the museum’s mascot.

8.) Seussville

Dr. Seuss’s website has online content with learning games and activities. Be sure to click the “Parents” tab to get access to activities, printables, recipes, and crafts.

9.) National Geographic for Kids

This website has a seemingly never-ending source of videos, games, quizzes, and experiments ranging from animals to countries to astronomy to women heroes to geology….you get the picture. You can give your kids a different topic every day to explore and learn more about.

10.) National Park Virtual Tours

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with five national parks in the U.S. so people can enjoy the beauty of the natural world while sitting safely on their couch. These parks feature different climates and environments from across the country, including famous desert vistas and snowy terrains.

11.) Science Mom

This fellow mom has this to say about her gig. “When my son was in 2nd grade, I volunteered to bring a science demonstration to his class each week, and the kids began calling me “Science Mom.” I’ve been sharing science demonstrations with elementary classrooms ever since.”

12.) Cosmic Kids Yoga 

Yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation for kids. Interactive adventures that build strength, balance, and confidence – and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early!