An Investment in Safety at Goldfish Swim School


An Investment

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My children are fearless in the water. To some, this may be seem like a blessing, if your child is afraid of – or timid near it. To me, it’s a double edged sword. I love that they shower at such an early age and seem unfazed by having water poured over their face. I love seeing the smiles on their face while happily splashing around the pool. I love that swimming is a healthy activity our entire family can do together.

So you are probably wondering why I call it a double edged sword. The reality is, water can be dangerous. It only takes a few seconds for a child to go from happy and splashing to an irreversible incident that we don’t want to think about. I’ve chosen to enroll three of my children at Goldfish Swim School of Dayton because my fearless children need to understand their boundaries and proper safety measures. I am a bit outnumbered, being a mom of five, so this is important to me.

Let’s start with my why.

Why do I choose to pay for lessons for two of my girls that already “know” how to swim? My 8 year old twins have been swimming “floatie” free since they were three. Even at that young age, they could jump into a deep end, swim under water, circle back and grab the ledge. Each year they have become stronger and more daring. By five they were jumping off a diving board and swimming to the edge. All of this may sound great, but WATCHING was a different story. They are very slender and gangly little girls…not much to keep them afloat. So when they are in water above their heads, their little bodies have to work so hard doggy paddling to safety. Although they were fearless and wanted to be in the deep end (which is half the battle), it would only take one child not knowing their weakness to dip them under water and they struggle to come back up.

Then there’s our almost 2 year old. She is the youngest of five and we joke, the toughest. She wants to be just like her big sisters and will try almost anything that they do. Coming into this summer, I knew we’d be spending a lot of time at the pool. When taking five kids to the pool, keeping eyes on all five is no easy feat! Of course, someone always has to be with our baby, but we also knew that those two little legs move fast and it would only take a minute of looking away for her to follow her sisters right into water above her head.

IMG_5034When enrolling at Goldfish, we knew that she may not learn to swim in a few short months, but she could definitely learn some safety skills about being in and around water. In addition to swim lessons, we also choose to keep her floaties off while we are with her. This makes her more aware of the water, how deep it is, and what she is capable of doing without going under.

We are amazed by the progress that all three have made! The twins have learned how to front and back float, how to take breaths when they are tired (rolling over), and proper safety rules when swimming. Of course, they are learning proper form for strokes, but for me it is most important that they learn what to do when distressed. As for our baby, she knows to hold her breath when she falls or jumps in and how to roll to her back for a breath and return to the edge. They teach the young ones that the ledge is safe and how to climb out unassisted, which is great for little swimmers.

I could rave about the facility and all of their staff – but we can save that for another day! Goldfish Swim School has been an amazing experience for our family and I don’t doubt it will be for yours! It has been one of the best investments for our family. But, don’t take my word for it, I encourage you to stop by and take a tour or pre-register today and check it out for yourself.

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