The Questions Kids Ask


Like most 5-year-olds, my daughter Rose is full of questions. Some of them are pretty easy to answer, while some I don’t have a clue how to answer. Some of them I can’t answer because I don’t understand or because I am laughing too hard. But no matter how many of her questions I answer, I know there is still a barrage waiting to come.


For the last couple of years, I have been jotting down my favorite questions to share. Here are just a few of them.

The Head-Scratchers

  • When does the third week start? (It wasn’t clear what third week this was.)
  • When did trees start to grow?
  • When were doctors made?

The Potty Ones

  • Why do boys poop standing up?
  • Why do I always have to pee?
  • Why do farts smell?

The Deep Ones

  • Why is the earth round?
  • How are people real?
  • Why do some people lie?

I have made jokes about how she will be an investigator or a lawyer when she grows up just from the sheer persistence of her questions. But the reality is that, while her questions can be exhausting, I am always happy to answer them as best as I can for my smart, inquisitive little superstar.

What kinds of questions do your kids ask that make you laugh? I’d love to hear them!