Coming Out of the [Baby Stage] Fog


“Mom, when we go to Sam’s Club, you can’t walk around and look at all the baby clothes and say, ‘Oh, look how cute!'”

What?! These are the words my preteen recently said to me. I said, “I DO NOT do that!” And the whole family agreed in unison, “Yes, you do!”

I paused for a moment and realized they were right. But then I also realized, that while I still do that, I have stopped buying them. Why? Because my babies have outgrown them. My babies are now 11, 10 and 7 and a half! I no longer need to grab the three-pack of Carter’s outfits for $8. Somewhere along the lines, I stopped being the mom to babies.

Being a mom of babies, everything is hazy. 


You exist almost in a fog. The moment the first one is born, your whole life changes. You’re researching safety features on car seats and comparing baby wipe brands. Add a second and a third child, and your life is consumed with keeping humans alive.

But one day, all of a sudden, that fog is lifted. You were so exhausted you didn’t even realize it.

You stopped buying small diapers and now buy small menstrual pads.

You stopped buying onesies and now buy training bras.

You stopped buying baby foods and now buy ingredients for a new recipe they want to try.

You stopped ordering puffs in bulk from amazon and are now buying cases of assorted chips.

You no longer head straight for the baby section of Target, but instead, almost forget it’s there.

And you definitely aren’t buying any more packs of cute baby clothes from Sam’s Club.

I’m out of the hazy days of baby life these days. I have no idea how or when that happened, but here we are.

And while I’m sure you’ve heard “It’ll fly by” more times than you care to count, trust me when I say, “It’ll fly by.”